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ModificationQuest: The Lost Realm
Version: Unreleased
Released: Unknown
Spieltyp: Singleplayer
 Seite:  http://www.planethalflife.com/quest/
Kompatibel ab der Half-Life Version

Quest - The Lost Realm is a Fantasy Style Online and Offline RPG.

You play who you want to be. In an active world of player and Non Player Charactors.
You start of with only your wits and fists. As you play you develop your skills and
become better trained and stronger, collecting items allong the way. Instead of
losing everything when you die all you lose is your ammo, and a bit of you player status.

Your "Player status" is what u build up along your quest. As you fight monsters and
other players in a quest to become the best in the Lost Realm, you will gain things
like strength, mana level increases, Fitness and a few other but not yet decided
points. If you die, you are returned to the Lost Realm by the Spirits. The spirits
are the Gods of the Lost Realm. They decide if you are worthy to be returned to life
or sent to the mountains. If you get sent to the mountains then you must Fight you
way home, This...Is damned hard. 1ernativly if you become knocked out, you may
find yourself capture either by a band of creatures or NPCs.

You Play a warrior of your choice

Meaning when you start you can choose your race and sex. Once chosen your journeys
begin. You can either choose to play online or offline. Meaning u can train without
having to go online all the time.


Quest: The Lost Realm Singleplayer

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