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ModificationFinal Judgement
Version: Unreleased
Released: Unknown
Spieltyp: Teamplay
 Seite:  http://trailblazers.clansource.com/finaljudgement/
Kompatibel ab der Half-Life Version

Statement from the Leader of the Modification:

We are a very teamplay-oriented mod. We are also designing and balancing for class-diverse enviroment as well, so that certain classes work better and are more powerful if paired with other classes. If at all possible we hope to avoid the 'deathmatch mentality' in our mod.


Field of View Deathmatch
Fight Club HL 1 on 1
Final Confrontation Deathmatch
Final Judgement Teamplay
Final-Life Deathmatch
Fire Deathmatch
Firearms Teamplay
Flamer Bot Bots for Action Half-Life
Flying Squad Teamplay
FoxBot Bots for TFC
Frag O Matic Bot Bot für Counter-Strike
Fraggin' Crew Deathmatch
Free Fall X Deathmatch
FreedomBot Bots für CS
Front Line Force Teamplay
Funky Mixture Deathmatch

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