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ModificationFight Club HL
Version: Unreleased
Released: Unknown
Spieltyp: 1 on 1
 Seite:  http://fightclub.actionrealm.com
Kompatibel ab der Half-Life Version
Fight Club HL is a melee Combat MOD inspired by the FC movie and diferent Gang Scenarios.
There are 3 different Game types:

Fight Club mode
1on1 fighting, when you loose the fight another player takes your place and you will have to watch the fight in Spectator mode.

Gang Fight mode
Teamplay , you and your buddys are out to kill the other gang, but no fireweapons, just the stuff you find scattered around.

Bar Fight mode
No rules , just beat the crap out of anyone you can see, with or without melee weapons.

Fight Club HL is going to use the HL engine and modify it a way, that melee Combat just wouldn't be that "uncontollabel and stupid" like simple Knife-Combat in CS... An optional 3rd Person view helps you don't to lose the overview, and a couple of different attack Moves and Techniks alowes you to fight invidualy and to face combat situations in many different ways...
Just visit our site to take a look at the "About" section, because Gamplay etc. may always change, we modify our concept if we get better ideas how to realise this MOD best for Gamers...


Field of View Deathmatch
Fight Club HL 1 on 1
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Final Judgement Teamplay
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Firearms Teamplay
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