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ModificationDark Operations
Version: V. 1.0
Spieltyp: Singleplayer
 Seite:  http://members.aol.com/dubljay/darkops.htm
 Download:  http://hyperion.spaceports.com/~bxb209/darkop.zip
Kompatibel ab der Half-Life Version

The Story

This story takes place after the events in Half-Life: Opposing Force. You are Adrian Shephard. After you defeated the Geneworm, you're transported to another place where you meet the Administrator. After congratulating you, he informs you that you are going to be conveyed to a place where you cannot be harmed and where no harm can come to you. After he leaves, you are transported to a small secluded area of Xen. The chirping of alien bats is all that keeps you sane when you spend what seems like weeks there, alone, eating the same old food, thinking about what you're going to do when you finally get out of there. Until one day a portal opens...

Since the death of the administrator (see my Resistance series for details), the Black Ops forces and some U.S. marine traitors have gone out on their own and taken control of a U.S. military base and research lab. They and a team of scientists are developing weapons of mass destruction: nuclear missiles, chemical weapons, and biological agents. They have betrayed the United States and must be eliminated. They are close to finishing parts of their arsenal and they will probably be able to use it before help arrives. Therefore it is up to you to stop them. You have the advantage of taking out the base from the inside. Eliminate the entire base personnel and recapture the base. Expect heavy resistance, and leave no survivors. Be sure to eliminate the entire science team as well. You will find help, so keep your eyes open for allies. Good luck.


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