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Canned Tuna Singleplayer
Case Closed Singleplayer
Challenger Deep Singleplayer
Chaos Control Capture the Emeralds
Cheating-Death Anti Cheating Tool
Cheesy Deathmatch
Chemical Existence Singleplayer
Chronicles Singleplayer
City Rebelion Teamplay
ClanMod Server Admin Tool
Classic Capture The Flag Teamplay
Club Swiss Singleplayer
Cold Ice Deathmatch
Community Mod (not yet but through Voti
Condition Defcon: Strategic Response Teamplay
Confidential Teamplay
Conflict in Nam Singleplayer
Contra - Force Cooperative
Conundrum Singleplayer
Conundrum 2 Singleplayer
Counter Strike Teamplay
CounterLife Singleplayer
Crime and Punishment ???
Crisis 51 Singleplayer
CS Cartoons Teamplay
CS Realism Pack Realism Pack
CS-Classic Teamplay
CSBot Bots for CS
CSConfigurator CS Tool
CWBot Bots for CS
Cyber Space Singleplayer

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