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Version: Unreleased
Released: Unknown
Spieltyp: Teamplay
 Seite:  http://www.annhl.tk/
Kompatibel ab der Half-Life Version
Annihilation is a Total Conversion Modification for the Half-Life game that brings you into the Semi-Realistic Environment of the Third World War in the recent future. Based in a future torn by war and mistrust, it will provide you with amazing gameplay and unlimited scenario concepts, Annihilation will give you a virtual war experience you’ll never forget. Explore and fight in maps that strive to make the player totally immersed in the world that is Annihilation. Work with others, or strike out on your own to bring home glory. Choose between the Chinorov Alliance or the Allied Nations, each with their own unique models and weaponry, and engage in the ultimate fight for survival.


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