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Version: V. 2.3
Released: 2002-02-27
Spieltyp: Bots for Action Half-Life, ...
 Seite:  http://akimbot.nuclearbox.com/
 Download:  Download from Own Server - www.PlanetDownloads.de
 Mirror:  http://www14.brinkster.com/cipherx/index.html
Kompatibel ab der Half-Life Version

Supporting Bots for:

Action HL, Lambda Arena, HLDM, OpFor, Worms HL, MMX HL, Extreme Fragmatch, Snow War, Mixed MOD, Palisade, Wizard Wars, Earth Special Forces, Existence, Snark Wars, DarkMatch, Counter Strike, Dragon Mod Z, the Jumbot, Buzzy Bots, Ricochet, Team Fortess Classic, Holy Wars, Deathmatch Classic, and the Opera


Abot Bot für TFC
Absconder Effect Singleplayer, Teamplay
Acro Singleplayer
Action Half-Life Teamplay
Adam Singleplayer
Admin Mod Admin your Server
Adrenaline Gamer Deathmatch
Affliction Singleplayer
AgbBot Bots für CS
AgroBot Bots for CS, FLF, WIE, SI
Air Half-Life Flight Simulator
AkimBot Bots for Action Half-Life
Alpine Teamplay
Altrank Deathmatch
AMod Singleplayer
Android Bots for CS
Annhiliation Teamplay
Arcana Mysteria Magica Deathmatch
Arg! Deathmatch
aSSaSSinS Deathmatch
Assault On Roswell Singleplayer
Atmosperhic Decay Singleplayer
Azure Sheep Singleplayer

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